The Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast
By Ben Spindler
11-10-2014 08:40 GMT

The PW Torch Livecast is the official free-to-air podcast of the PW Torch newsletter which has been running since 1987 and claims to be the number 1 daily live podcast in the world.

Its hosts vary depending on what day you are listening, some are very good and others seem less comfortable in an audio setting than they are writing for the newsletter, but all hosts are extremely knowledgeable.

This podcast offers you a wide range of journalist opinion and well sourced news coverage and an excellent array of interesting guest interviews on their 'Interview Friday' show- these range from huge stars such as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin to former WWE writers and personalities from the territory days.

The podcast doesn't always have the greatest production values thanks to the live setting, but for journalistic coverage of pro wrestling, there are few finer.