Members: The Attitude Era Show Episode 24
By News Desk
24-10-2014 14:13 GMT

This week's Attitude Era show is now available, exclusive to members of WrestlePod. In the latest episode, Ben Spindler and Gavin Duenas discuss Wrestlemania 15, match by match and give their opinions on the overall quality as well as the show's legacy.

Wrestlemania 15 included 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. The Rock for the WWF Title as well as The Undertaker vs. Big Bossman in a Hell in a Cell match, Mankind vs. The Big Show, Triple H vs. Kane and a match for the European Title between Shane McMahon and X-Pac.

The Smarking Out: Attitude Era Show is a weekly one hour series where Ben Spindler and Gavin Duenas take a retrospective look through the entire Attitude Era, beginning at The Montreal Screwjob and hitting every major event during the period and looking at it in depth and putting key events in the context of the time, whilst uravelling some of the myths that have emerged since the time.

The Attitude Era show is just one small part of the WrestlePod membership which includes hundreds of hours of archive content from in depth interviews with some of the biggest stars in the industry to audio clips from Wrestle Talk TV that have never been rebroadcast in the UK since.

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