Survivor Series 2017 Report
By Marcus Green
Posted On 20-11-2017 21:16 GMT
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The Shield vs. The New Day

In a fast paced action packed affair to start the show, these six men went to war like they were feuding for months. The Shield was as confident as ever since their reformation, even mocking New Day with their trademark stampede stomp. New Day did better at cutting off the ring, but once the action began breaking down both teams pulled out all the stops. In the end the Shield would clear the field and delivered a super Triple Powerbomb to Kofi Kingston to snag RAW’s first win of the night.

Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown 5-on-5 Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team RAW had Team Smackdown reeling after Becky Lynch got eliminated early. But they regained momentum by eliminating Bayley and then Nia Jax via countout. Fox, Naomi and then Carmella was next. Natalya put “The Boss” away leaving Asuka all alone. “The Empress of Tomorrow” looked to be done until she avoided a Superfly Splash and sent Tamina to the showers. Despite a valiant effort by Natalya, Asuka was just too much and secured the victory with the Asuka Lock to put RAW up 2-0.

The Miz w/The Miztourage vs. Baron Corbin

Haivng Maryse at ringside gave Miz more than motivated to put the U.S. champ in his place and targeted Corbin’s leg with ferocity. Unfortunately not even The Miztourage could stop an impressive showing from Corbin who would get SD’s first win of the night with End of Days.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. The Usos

The Usos made fun of what ‘The Bar’ was going to mean by the end of this match, but  RAW’s tag champions put the battled tested twins to the test, cutting off the natural flow of offense from Usos. But once the brothers got rolling towards the end Cesaro sacrificed himself for his partner before Sheamus got treated to a superkick barrage. A classic Uso tag/dive proceeded an Uso Splash to put Smackdown 2-2 with RAW.

Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte Flair

Outsized and overpowered, Bliss wisely used Charlotte’s own positioning and offense to facilitate her own. Bliss put her “Five feet of Fury” moniker on full display as she also targeted the ribs of Charlotte. All attempts by Charlotte at for a moonsault failed, and she had to come from behind with a counter for Twisted Bliss. Determined to prover herself the better woman, he applied the Figure-Eight that got the tapout to put Smackdown up by one.

Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles

This dream match kicked off in truly painful fashion for Styles who learned just how brutal Lesnar can be from shoulder thrusts, knees, thunderous suplexes and nasty throws that put Styles through the ringer and then some. But “The Phenomenal One” was far from finished and rallied back targeting the legs of Lesnar while making every single move in his varied arsenal count. Styles went for broke with a final Phenomenal Forearm, only to fall into positon for an F-5 giving Lesnar the win and tying things up for RAW 3-3.

Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown – 5-on-5 Men’s Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

With a series of match-ups that ignited the crowd early on, it was Braun Strowman who got not one but two eliminations taking out Nakamura and Bobby Roode just minutes apart. But despite being eliminated, the two men gave their team one final assist by delivering a group suplex to Strowman through an announce table. Cena sent Team RAW’s other heavy hitter Samoa Joe to the showers with two AA’s. His history with Kurt Angle made for an interesting back-and-forth, but it was an assist from a Coup de Grace and then an Angle Slam that eliminated Cena.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn was poised to ruin Team Blue’s night with an attack on Shane, and despite being ran off, Strowman’s return led to Orton’s elimination and Shane left in a three on one situation. Triple H went on a full ego trip which led to him turning on Angle who got eliminated, but when he took all the glory for himself by eliminating Shane, Strowman went from confused to enraged and left ‘The Game’ on the mat after two Running Powerslams.

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