Impact Report 10th November 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 11-11-2017 02:20 GMT
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Eli Drake and Chris Adonis kick off the show and Drake brags about walking out of Bound For Glory as champion. Drake says Alberto El Patron was not in the plans but will be taken doesn’t matter either way. Due to his injuries Drake was given the night off. Insults about Canada brings out Petey Williams who takes out Adonis before going after Drake. Adonis pulls Drake out before a Canadian Destroyer.

Matt Sydal vs. Sonjay Dutt

Sydal targets the legs of Dutt before trapping the leg and applying a bridging headlock. Dutt kicks off in the corner and hits a rolling dropkick for two. Sydal hits a headlock driver for two. Dutt stuns him on the top rope with a right hand, and pulls off a superplex. Thing spills outside where Sydal grounds him again with an attack on the leg. Back inside, Dutt nails a tornado ddt, but misses off the top and Sydal drives him into the mat. Sydal goes up top and hits the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

EC3 walks out and mocks Sydal for getting close to becoming the X-Division Champion but inevitably losing each time. EC3 tells him he’s missing a killer instinct, one that EC3 possesses and mocks him once more before leaving.

Johnny Impact looking all over the backstage area for Alberto El Patron.

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma – GHC Championship

The two trade holds before going into the corner where Edwards lands several chops. Fantasma with a bodyscissors and follows double running knees with a hurricanrana off the top rope for two. Fantasma goes up top but Edwards delivers a boot before nailing a superplex. Edwards lands a running forearm and then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Fantasma follows a hurricanrana with a knee for two.

Edwards cuts him off going for a dive, goes for a Tiger Driver but Fantasma escapes. Edwards sends him to the floor and nails a dive of his own. Fantasma follows with the same. Back inside, third times the charm for Edwards on the Tiger Driver but for another near fall. Fantasma ropes him with a knee, Edwards avoids him off the top and hits the Boston Knee Party and follows with the Die Hard Flowsion to retain.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

oVe & Sami Callihan vs. Phil Atlas, Marcus Burke & Ray Steel

Callihan immediately drops Burke with a boot. They deliver a three on one kick to Burke in the corner before Dave follows a double splash with a STO variation. Atlas comes in with some strikes, but takes triple boots coming off the ropes. oVe hits the All Seeing Eye for the win.

Winner: oVe

LAX hit the ring, Homicide enters form behind and Lax take the advantage. Homicide hits Callahan with the cutter but Callahan avoids the Gringo Killer.

Border City Wrestling – Allie vs. KC Spinelli

Allie responds to a shove with a series of forearms. Spinelli catches her with a shot to the midsection and follows with a right hand. Allie avoids in the corner and lands a running clothesline. Spinelli stuns her using the top rope and tosses her by the hair. Allie sends her face first into the second turnbuckle and then nails a dropkick for two. Allie fires back with a series and connects with several low corner running elbows. Spinelli hits a Fisherman Buster for two. Allie counters a strike with a kick and hits a Codebreaker for a near fall. Spinelli hits a spinning clothesline for two. Spinelli misses a moonsault and hits a Death Valley Driver.

Winner: Allie

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell interviews the winner of Global Forged,  Hakim Zane who gets literally shoved off by Johnny Impact who makes it clear he’s not leaving until he finds Patron.

Impact flies into Patron and they begin brawling all around backstage area. Impact ends up attacking Braxton Sutter before Caleb Konley gets involved and ends up fighting Sutter. Impact and Patron end up on top of a restroom facility and Impact knocks Patron to the floor. Officials arrive before Impact takes out everyone with a diving crossbody. They continue fighting until they come back into the arena where security comes to separate them. Impact insults him and Patron rushes him in the ring. They take out security as Patron lands a cheap shot. He delivers a ddt and then applies a Cross Armbreaker in the ropes. 

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