This Week In WWE 6th October 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 07-10-2017 20:32 GMT
Tags: WWE, RAW, Smackdown, NXT

WWE RAW 2nd October 2017

Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman

After Dean Ambrose unsuccessfully stepped up to Strowman last week, ‘The Kingslayer’ tried his hand but despite a valiant effort using his quickness and aerial tactics, could not overcome ‘The Monster Among Men’, who would leave the tag team champions decimated.

Winner: Braun Strowman

The Miz (c) w/The Miztourage vs. Roman Reigns – Intercontinental Championship

The Miz and his crew showboated entering the arena like The Shield, but ‘The Big Dog’ unleashed on onslaught that eliminated Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel before the bell. Backed into a corner with nothing but his wits and veteran instincts to stall Reigns. Having kicked out of a Skull Crushing Finale, Reigns was closing in on a victory before ‘The Bar’ made him their new target.

Winner via DQ: Roman Reigns

Enzo Amore addresses the Cruiserweights

Despite finding himself surrounded by the very Cruiserweights that left him in a pile of pain, Amore couldn’t wait to reveal having another no contact clause drawn up and signed by Kurt Angle. But when Amore suggest he no longer had competition it was Angle who burst his bubble in a big way when he introduced the division’s newest signee, Kalisto.

Smackdown Live 3rd October 2017

Jinder Mahal makes a statement

After weeks of taunts and insults from Jinder Mahal, Nakamura got a taste of his actions ahead of Hell in A Cell when the WWE Champion executed a sneak attack that nearly backfired if not for the help of the Singh Brothers.

Shane McMahon gets a preview to HIAC

Days away from their Hell in A Cell, Smackdown Live’s Commissioner upped the stakes to Falls Count Anywhere. But Shane’s refusal to wait to get his hands on Kevin Owens, and his will to not stay down got a taste of just how barbaric Owens will get come Sunday.

WWE NXT 4th October 2017

Kairi Sane vs. Aliyah

The Mae Young Classic Tournament winner made her NXT television debut and battled a fiery Aliyah, who had her moments but in the end would be defeated by the Insane Elbow.

Winner: Kairi Sane

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Roderick Strong – NXT Championship

The bigger and stronger McIntyre forced Strong to get creative with his offense putting the champion in a world of hurt with his varied back breaker arsenal. From an Angle Slam to superplex and even a tiger bomb, the closer Strong seemed to victory the stronger it made McIntyre’s resolve. The Future Shock set McIntyre up to bring a valiant effort by Strong to an end with the Claymore.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Tags: WWE, RAW, Smackdown, NXT




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