GFW Victory Road 2017 Report
By Marcus Green
Posted On 30-09-2017 23:06 GMT
Tags: GFW, Impact

Trevor Lee (c) w/Caleb Konley vs. Petey Williams

Williams delivers a headscissors and then hits a hurricanrana. He sends Lee outside and then his an inside out hurricanrana. Konley grabs Williams leg on the apron, Lee recovers and blasts him with a forearm before a punt kick. Lee, whips him into the corners. Williams gets a boot up and hits a Candian legsweep followed by a modified STO for two.

Williams takes out Konley, hits a slingshot lungblower on Lee and follows with the Canadian Destroyer. Konley pulls out the referee and gets ejected. Lee clocks Williams with the title, but Williams kicks out. They get to their feet and trade shots, Lee counters a hits a standing double stomp and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Trevor Lee

Sienna, Taya Valkyrie & Taryn Terrell  vs. Gail Kim, Rosemary & Allie

Valkyrie whips Rosemary into the corner, she counters with a elbow and hangs Valkyrie up in the ropes. Kim tags in and hits a hurricanrana. Kim avoids Sienna and delivers a boot. Valkyrie takes control of Kim and Terrell capitalizes. 

Valkyrie returns only to take a jumping ddt. Both make tags, Allie hits a series of offense on Terrell. Rosemary intercepts Sienna and hits a tiger suplex. Terrell sends Rosemary to the floor, where Valkyrie takes he rout with a dive. Kim takes out Valkyrie. Sienn stacks up Allie using the ropes to take the pinfall.

Winners: Sienna, Taryn Terrell & Taya Valkyrie

Grado is shown at a restaurant with Joseph Park, who hands him his first royalty check. Park has to leave and Grado looks at his check with a look of confusion.

James Storm enters the Impact Zone and is furious about people from different companies coming in and disrespecting and leaping over him and others like him. Texano comes out and Storm goats him into a brawl. Fantasma joins and Texano Storm succumbs to the numbers game. Fantasma says they respect GFW but AAA is the best company. Texano prepares to hit Storm with his own beer bottle, and EC3 clears the ring. Storm extends his hand, EC3 begins to walk away but returns the gesture.

Storm and EC3 barge into Jim Cornette’s office and demands to have a tag match against Texano and Fantasma. Cornette makes the match for next week.

On episode three of Global Forged Scott D’Amore has narrowed the competition down to three finalists.

LAX (c) vs. oVe – GFW Tag Team Championship

Jake nails a dive to LAX before the bell. Dave battles with Santana as Ortiz sends Jake into the steps. Santana caches him with a side Russian legsweep from the second rope. They takes control of Dave with their numbers advantage and double teams. Dave escapes the corner to tag out, Jake unleashes kicks to both men. Santana avoids a neckbreaker but is caught with a powerslam into the corner for two.

oVe perform a superplex into a powerbomb, but Ortiz breaks up a cover. Ortiz fires off a series of strikes on both before driving Jake into Dave in the corner with a DVD. Santana comes off the back of Ortiz into Jake in the corner for two. Dave breaks up a Street Sweeper attempt, Jake drives Ortiz across the second rope and heel kicks him into a ddt from Dave, who gets the pinfall.

Winner and new GFW Tag Team Champions: oVe

Lashley is shown training at the American Top Team training facility.

Eli Drake (c) w/Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact – GFW Global Championship

Impact fires off right hands, Drake responds with a knee but Impact drops him with a flying forearm. Impact sends him overhead and Drake gets crotched on the top rope. Impact sends him to the floor with a springboard roundhouse. Impact delivers a hangman corkscrew neckbreaker for two. Impact goes for a running knee but Adonis trips him, and gets ejected. Impact stops Drake trying to escape and suplexes him on the ramp. Back inside, Drake hits He hits the Skylord Slam but misses an elbow drop.

Impact follows a side Russian legsweep and then a corkscrew legdrop for two. He places Drake on the top rope and delivers a super Spanish Fly for a near fall. They exchange rights, Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma for two. Drake inadvertently clotheslines the referee. Adonis returns and distracts Impact before Drake nails him with the belt. A new referee counts for a near fall, and Drake drops the referee. Drake gets the title again, but Impact ducks and Adonis is leveled. Impact drives Drake onto the title with Moonlight Drive. Somehow Drake kicks out. Impact goes to the top rope, Drake hides behind the referee, and low blows Impact just as he’s coming down. Drake retains with the Gravy Train.

Winner: Eli Drake

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