GFW Impact Report 22nd September 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 23-09-2017 05:01 GMT
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Johnny Impact kicks off the show demanding Eli Drake come out and give him his title shot. KM appears instead with a referee. Km informs him that Drake is in Mexico and suggests that that Impact put his number one contendership on the line. Impact accepts.

Johnny Impact vs. KM - #1 Contendership

Impact drops him with a superkick. KM crotches Impact going for a springboard and takes control. He hits a full nelson sitout slam for two. Impact flips out of another attempt and lands a leg lariat. Impact nails a standing corkscrew moonsault for two. The ref catches KM using the ropes, Impact hits a springboard roundhouse and then follows with Thursday Night Delight for the win.

Winner: Johnny Impact

Ava Storie vs. Taya Valkyie

Valkyie grounds Storie with a series of strikes. Valkyie hits the Ride to Vallhallah and gets the three count.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Valkyie grabs a microphone and says she wants the Knockouts Championship. Rosemary emerges and stakes her claim before a fight breaks out. Sienna runs down to get her hands on Rosemary. Allie soon joins and so does Taryn Terrell. Before Rosemary and Allie take serious damage, Gail Kim even the odds and clears the ring.

oVe are shown in Tijuana, Mexico showing up to Lax’s hang out spot. Homicide sees them and alerts Konnan. LAX confront them and challenge oVe to a match next week.

Grado is shown performing at venues courtesy of Joseph Park.

El Hijo Del Fantasma & Pagano vs. EC3 & Eddie Edwards

Fantasma lands on the apron and stuns Edwards, who avoids him off the top and hits a flapjack for two. EC3 tags in and goes after Pagano, which allows Fantasma to land a boot. He and Pagano takes control in the corner with quick tags. EC3 soon counters with double clotheslines but cannot make the tag. EC3 hits Pagano with the TK3. Edwards finally gets the tag and unleashes offense on both men.

EC3 sends Pagano to the floor. Fantasma stuns EC3, Edwards kicks Fantasman before EC3 nails a headlock driver. Edwards hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Fantasma but the referee is too distracted to count. Texano Jr. hits the ring and sitout powerbombs Edwards. Fantasma gets the pinfall

Winners: Pagano & El Hijo Del Fantasma

Texano, Pagano and Fantasma beatdown Edwards and EC3 after the match. James Storm hits the ring to make the save.

Backstage Johnny Impact is still on the hunt for Eli Drake and runs into Fantasma, Texao and Pagano. Texano get sin his face with some tense words. Impact challenges Texano to a match later with his number one contendership on the line.

Kongo Kong vs. Mahabali Shera

Shera fires off several shots but can’t take Kong off his feet. Kong squashes him against the ropes and hits a side belly-to-belly side. Kong levels him with a clothesline. Another series of offense form Shera leads to a rare springboard double axe that sends Kong to the mat for two. Kong escapes off his shoulders and lands a headbutt before a cannonball. Kong comes off the top with a diving splash and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Kongo Kong

Johnny Impact vs. Texano - #1 Contendership

Impact reponds to a slap with a tackle and rights. He follows a heel kick with a running knee and standing mooonsault for two. Impact hits a hurricanrana and then nails a trifecta of Moonlight Drives for two. Texano avoids him off the top and lands a leg lariat. Texano sends him outside with a kick and then sends him into the steps. Back inside, Texano applies a revers Figure Four but Impact breaks it. He plants Impact but wastes time. Impact kicks him off the second turnbuckle to the floor.

Impact takes him out with a moonsault. They get back inside and trade blows, Texano lands combination of chops and clotheslines. Impact fires back and crotches him on top rope before hitting a springboard roundhouse. Texano gets  boot up in the corner but Impact comes back with a sliding German suplex. Impact hits Starship Pain for the pinfall.

Winner: Johnny Impact

Sienna, Taya Valkyrie & Taryn Terrell barge into Karen Jarrett’s office and request a six woman tag against Gail Kim, Rosemary & Allie next week.

AAA – Irapuato, Mexico

Eli Drake (c) vs. Bronse – GFW Championship

Drake turns him inside out with a clothesline. Drake catches him off a springboard, but Bronse lands on his feet and sends Drake to the second rope before delivering a kick. Bronse turns a neckbreaker into a backslide. Drake blocks him for a third time and buckle bombs him. Drake slingshots him under the bottom rope. Drake with a reverse Skylord Slam for two. Drake hits the Gravy Train to retain.

Winner: Eli Drake

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