GFW Impact Report 15th September 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 16-09-2017 06:20 GMT
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Braxton Sutter w/Allie vs. Garza Jr.

Garza lands a flying forearm. He lands on the apron, but Sutter stuns him and hits a leaping neckbreaker for two. Sutter catches him with a powerslam for two. Garza connects with clotheslines before ripping off his pants. Sutter follows him outside, where Garza kicks him in the face and drops him on the steps. Garza stops himself on a dive because of Allie. Sutter takes advantage and hits a gutwrench powerbomb for two. Garza follows a thrust kick with a second rope moonsualt to get the win.

Winner: Garza Jr.

After the match frustration continue between Sutter and Allie.

Ethan Carter III (c) vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma – Impact Grand Championship

Round one starts and both men jockey for position. EC3 fires back with chops before sending him outside with a TK3. EC3 rams Fantasma’s head on the apron as the round ends. Judges give it to EC3. Fantasma wastes no time in round two and follows a hurricanrana with double knees to the chest, and then a super hurricanrana. EC3 with a jawbreaker, but Fantasma counters the One Percenter and applies a submission as the bell sounds.

Round two goes to Fantasma. Right out of the gate, EC3 turns a schoolboy into a sitout powerbomb. Fantasma hits a cross body block for two. They trade blows and EC3 hits a second TK3 for two. Fantasma counters another attempt before he connects with a suicide dive. With seconds left, EC3 stuns him coming back inside and hits One Percenter. It goes to the judges, who deliver their final score in a split decision for EC3 to retain.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Fantasma put his hands on hector Guerrero after the match. He gets in EC3’s face and then Pagano from AAA attacks EC3 from behind. Eddie Edwards makes the save.

We go to Tijuana, Mexico where LAX in shown preparing for their tag title match in a celebratory fashion with the return of Homicide.

LAX, oVe and two other tag teams are shown in a four way tag match for the GFW tag titles. The action is furious, but when the Street Sweeper fails, oVe look like they are about to pick up the victory until Homicide pulls out the referee leading to LAX eventually retaining. oVe confront Lax afterwards but get outnumbered and forced to walk away.

Grado vs William Weeks

Grado follows straight rights with an bionic elbow. Grado measures and hits the Wee Boot to pick up the win in his last match.

Winner: Grado

Grado says his final goodbyes to the Impact fans before Joseph Park hits the ring. He informs Grado that his offices have a opened a new division and Grado will be his first signee meaning he can stay in the U.S.

Lashley and American Top Team walk into Jim Cornette’s office and wants his release from GFW so he can return full time to MMA. Cornette agrees on the condition that Top Team leaves the premises and Lashley takes on Moose tonight.

Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Trevor Lee – Fall Count Anywhere - GFW X-Division Championship

Lee knocks Dutt off the apron getting in the ring and follows with a punt kick for two. Dutt plants him into the ringpost for two. Dutt sits him in a chair and delivers a high speed cross body block for two. Lee rams him into the apron and takes control inside the ring. They trade shots, both connecting with boots that take each other out. Back to their feet Dutt hits a tornado ddt.Lee cuts him off on the top rope and nails a superplex.

Dutt avoids a chair against the steps and sends Lee through the barricade. The fight spills outside the Impact Zone, Caleb Konley attacks Dutt from behind. They double team him with a trashcan and lid. Dutt ducks and Lee takes out Konley with a trashcan.  Lee counters aother tornado ddt and plants Dutt a guardrail. A backhand from Konley leads to a Lee superkick into a roll-up for the three count.

Winner and new GFW X-Division Champion: Trevor Lee

Taya Valkyrie vs. Amber Nova

Valkyrie with a go behind takedown. Nova gets a boot up in the corner, but Valkyrie blocks a hurricanrana and plants her with a sitout powerbomb. Valkyie stops the count and then hits the Doublec chickenwing facebuster for the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyie

Low-Ki vs. Johnny Impact - #1 Contender’s Match

Low-Ki takes the back before Impact gets to his feet. Low-Ki hits a mule kick out of the corner and applies an abdominal stretch. Impact lands a kick and follows a legsweep with a spinning legdrop for two. Impact lands some right hands and then hangs Low-Ki on the second rope before a sliding German suplex. Low-Ki crotches him on the tope and applies a hanging dragon sleeper. Low-Ki nails a springboard roundhouse for two.

Impact dodges in the corner and returns the favor on the springboard kick. Low-Ki avoids him off the top and hits him with a shotgun dropkick for two. Impact hangs across the second rope, and Low-Ki goes for Warrior’s Way but misses for a nasty landing. Impact nails Starship Pain for the pinfall.

Winner: Johnny Impact

Eli Drake strolls out on stage. Chris Adonis sneak attacks Impact and locks on the Adonis Lock. Drake picks up a near lifeless Impact and delivers the Gravy Train.

Lashley enters the ring and says he’s been considering choosing between wrestling and MMA and has decided to return to fighting. He has one final bit of business and calls out Moose. The former Grand Champion delivers an immediate right hand but Lashley quickly fires back. Things spill outside where Moose stops a Spear with a boot. They brawl into the stands up to the stage. Moose hits another boot that sends Lashley down to ringside. Moose nails a devastating Spear. He rolls him in the ring for a final blow but America Top Team jump Moose and decimate security.

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