GFW Talking Points 6th October 2017
By Marcus Green
Posted On 07-10-2017 20:48 GMT
Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling

Reign of the defiant one

To echo some of the words of Impact’s Global Champion, last week Eli Drake hopped into his car, drove down Victory Road, drove into Johnny Impact’s ‘Slam Town’ and handed him a first class ticket to a ride on the Gravy Train out of town. Drake continues to come up with fresh seasoning to sprinkle on his already well cooked ‘Eli Special’ that is his character and even with Victory Road’s over booked finale he rebounded with style.

But an interesting note this week was seeing what could be the small sparks of future dissension between Drake and Chris Adonis. Completely not acknowledging Adonis’ “assistance” in beating Impact and then getting Adonis in a match he wasn’t prepared for just for the sake of it clearly did not sit well. And between ‘The Rising’ and his short lived time with Tyrus we know Drake doesn’t mesh well with others too long especially when they are no longer of use to him. Regardless I expect Impact to beat the very talented Garza Jr., who still feels thrown into this equation. Whether it’s giving fans creative imagery with his ever clever ‘Eli’s Cakes’, defending his title around the world or getting it done back at home Drake is on a champions ego trip and we’re all just along for the entertaining ride.

Moose’s hunt for Lashley ends painfully

If I got into a big brawl with a guy only to then get jumped by a bunch of other guys right before I seemingly beat the one guy, and then said guy quits, I’d go looking for him to exact some revenge as well. The problem is while Moose’s drive to get revenge on Lashley was laudable he clearly didn’t think his plan all the way through because if he had then he would have a least brought some insurance to deal with the obvious lion’s den he had to know he was walking into. Of course he got the natural and only result possible which was a total beatdown.

Now he has to go back to the drawing board and try and lay out some options. He can go for a round two and return with some back-up of his own whether that be a weapon or actual people, somehow lure Lashley back to the Impact Zone for another clash inside the squared circle, or perhaps even challenge Lashley to his own game inside the octagon. Either way he can’t let this go and the potential for these two going head-to-head once again is too good to go to waste. Perhaps Bound for Glory will be the perfect place for it.

LAX in disarray

Following their explosion at the end of Victory Road in the aftermath of losing the GFW Tag Team titles, Konnan and company appeared to have gone off the rails. Konnan is a hot head all by himself, but seeing Santana get back in his face made for one interesting segment as that fire is usually aimed squarely at their opposition. But unlike the light hints with Drake and Adonis earlier, this was major dissension that luckily was brief with a serious yet funny segment to end the show. That fire is what we need to see following that tag title because it makes it feel important. With a division primed for some heavy competition, I’d like to see the same passion from teams like the Veterans of War(wherever they are) and I would assume a soon to be returning Reno Scum. As hot as LAX usually runs you would think that they would have already attacked oVe by now but now with a 5150 Street Fight planned for their rematch at BFG, I think we can expect a demonstration ahead of the big show.

Tags: GFW, Impact Wrestling




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